Writing Doves

Weaving Words of Hope

Inaugurated in 2019, Writing Doves is a non-profit initiative that was founded by Dishani Senaratne who has university experience in teaching English in Sri Lanka. The experiences that she gained from working closely with the communities who live in former war zones catalysed her to launch this programme.

Writing Doves is a small but significant step taken to fill the lacuna in trilingual literature-based approaches to enhance intercultural understanding among Sri Lankan children who come from diverse ethnic, faith and linguistic backgrounds.

The narratives we share shape our world. We believe that engaging children in storytelling is an effective tool to convey values, beliefs and attitudes.

The outbreak of the pandemic has impelled us to reflect on the need of digital peacebuilding. The Coronavirus has no boundaries – and we shouldn’t either.

We believe that the pandemic has given the world an opportunity to come together as one against a common enemy – an enemy against humanity.


Enhance Sri Lankan young learners’ intercultural understanding through trilingual narratives


Provide a platform for children in Sri Lanka to foster an interest in reading to build positive cross-cultural relationships