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Writing Doves is a non-profit initiative that seeks to enhance Sri Lankan young learners’ intercultural understanding through a literature-based approach.

Funded by the U. S.  Embassy to Sri Lanka and Maldives and administered by Sri Lanka Unites, Writing Doves also conducts storytelling sessions for children across the country as a tool both to look inward and see outward to promote reconciliation in a post-conflict society.


Let’s play athuru mithuru and killi killi.


Hand in Hand for Sri Lanka

On this International Day of Peace, let us be reminded of how together we can build a better future for all Sri Lankans.

Posted by Writing Doves on Monday, September 21, 2020

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My Best Friend Next Door

Raju and Thilini are new neighbours. Their friendship will be colorful just like the kolam designs. Can you guess their new favourite sweet ?

Dishani Senarathne

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எனது அயல் வீட்டு உயிர் நண்பன

ராஜு மற்றும் திலினி புதிய அயலவர்கள். கோலம் வடிவமைப்புகளைப் போலவே அவர்களின் நட்பும் வண்ணமயமாக இருக்கும். அவர்களின் புதிய பிடித்த இனிப்பை நீங்கள் யூகிக்க முடியுமா?

திஷானி சேனாரத்ன

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පාළු මකන මගේ යාළු

රාජු සහ තිළිණිගේ මිතුරුකම වර්ණවත් කෝළම් රටාවක් වැනිය. ඔවුන් දෙදෙනා අතරින් ලඩ්ඩු වලට කැමති කවුද? වැලි තලප කෑමට කැමති කවුද?

දිශානි සේනාරත්න

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