About Us

Inaugurated in 2019, Writing Doves is a non-profit initiative that was founded by Dishani Senaratne who has studied/taught English and Linguistics. The experiences that she gained from engaging with people who were affected by Sri Lanka’s armed conflict that ended in 2009 catalyzed her to launch this project. Writing Doves is a small but significant attempt step taken to fill the lacuna in trilingual literature-based approaches that contribute to promote intercultural understanding among children in Sri Lanka who are from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. In other words, Writing Doves conducts storytelling sessions (in Sinhala, Tamil and English) as a tool to foster interest in reading to build positive cross-cultural relationships in a post-conflict time. The narratives we share shape our world. We believe that engaging children in storytelling is an effective way to convey values, beliefs and attitudes. Change is a slow and gradual process. Please do get in touch with us, if you are interested in working together to build a better world.